Tuesday, March 11, 2008

life in london

i just thought it wud b better if i create a foto section instead of my blogging stuff. a pic speak 1000 words. so i created this album in orkut called london life casual pics - http://www.orkut.com/Album.aspx?uid=4299305694541839050&aid=1204971473

these r pics of london taken while im travelling or just having a casual stroll...usually on my way to college n bck. this wud give ppl an idea more about huw life in london goes.

in future i wud try to add some pics of tube n bus journeys, pics inside restraunt, caffe, shops n things like tht. keep checkin back my album

Thursday, February 28, 2008

scotland trip

im doing e-commerce for my 2nd sem in mba. my professor say i need to b always active in blog writing...so planning to take his word. :-)

since i always write about travel, let me write about my latest trip to scotland...not latest in a sense as it is almost 2 months. me and my friends amal, vishnu n mithun(all 3 working in infy) hired a ford fiesta and startd on our 5 day trip. first day was all drivin....since i wasnt familiar with drivin here, i wondered huw it wud b to drive in expressways. but drivin in UK is really easy. u just need 2 knw the rules... we travelled through A1 highway, which take along the curvy north sea coast in scotland. the day ended aftr v reachd our hotel at edinburgh.

some of amals friend and my friend subin was planning to go to ireland. we also joined the plan - thier landcruiser was no match to our ford :-).... nyways we set for glasgow n from there took the beautiful coastal road along atlantic ocean. scottish villages r really beautiful n tgi sunny day. but wen v reachd the ferry point, whr u hav to catch ferry, v undrstd that v jus cant go with the day n come bck frm ireland. although the other team went to ireland, v planned to explore the sleepy coastal town of stanraer.

living in london, u see a cosmopolitan culture. in stranraer, u only see scotish people. v decided to taste scotish fud n went to a restraunt..the fud was gud; not only thier scotch is gud. frm stranraer we decided to take a forest route to return back to edinburgh.

next day v planned to explore edinburgh. v decided to go to edinburgh castle first... its a big castle and was there from 12th century onwards. the oldest building inside castle is st.margaret's chapel. incidently st.margaret was the queen of scotland and lived in this castle. the castle is on top of a small hill overllokin town. frm castle u cud see a panoramic view of edinburgh city and the firth of forth(bay) with its port. aftr seeing the castle, it became evening n v jus decided to get some late lunch. v tried italian variety today n fud was great, but expensive too!

next day early morning v set out to highlands... the real beauty of scotland is here.. its christmas day..due to winter its cold outside, but i was bit dejected as i cudnt see snowall around me.. but some mountain tops were covered in snow..v decided to climb one, but undrstd its not an easy task... so v decided to move on and head towards fort william...it is a sea side town surrounded by snow covered mountains.. a really different scene...frm here u can see ben nevis, UKs highest peak at 1343m.

we proceeded along lochness(lake) towards urquhart castle. but castle was closed n we took some pics outside castle.. although it was 4pm in evening, it was pitch dark.. v then went to the capital of highlands - inverness. v did a bit of ice skating there...trust me its not easy :-) frm there v startd journey back to edinburgh.

the next day- boxing day- when the high street shops offer u big discounts...v decided to do bit of shoppin n wandered through princess street, the commercial artery of edinburgh. by noon v decided to start our long journey back home.... it was again along drive..but was filled with memories of our trip.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

london life

london is an amzing city. time n again i come bck to this place; its my 3 rd visit here n im gonna b here for 16 months atleast.

what is so much peculiar about this city? it is an old city, but it has a charm. and not even paris can match that. but now london is changing its image from old grey town. lot of money is being pumped into several infrastructure and construction projects; a bit of change in face of the city. london is very much cosmopolitan. ppl from all ovr the world pour in here. so london is surely a 'global village'. in london south bank uty, whr i study, it is also a place whr u can meet students all over the world. i guess it is surely gonna give me a global flavour.

so its all a new begenning to me..a career shift from my s/w profession...embarking on a journey to become a manager

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Savana Durga

Savana Durga - fort of death.

Savana Durga means fort of death. Actually when i was travelling to the place on one sunny saturday morning with my friend SUjO, i was thinking it was a temple for Durga. We both had been planning some trips inside Karnataka for long, but couldnt. We both are from Kerala and have been living in Bangalore for 1.5 yrs from now, it was embarassing from our side that we didnt go any trips together , as both of us consider travelling as passion. Although i went to Mekedatu and Sivanasamudram, not forgetting Coorg also, travelling with SUjO is another experiance.

Anyways the bike have clocked almost 75 kms when it reached from Madiwala to Savana Durga. What greeted us was a beautiful standalone hill, which is composed of granite rocks. Although there is no entry fee for the small park maintained by Govt at the foot of the hill, the watchman let us in only after getting 10 Rs.


we decided that we climb the black hill and started walking. the first thing we came accross was the ruins of the fort- of kempegowda and tippu sulthan.nothing much is left there. We started our climb up throught the forest containing shrubs. there are a lot of "chembakam" plants there. thankful to them more than once i was saved from slipping. As we are not experianced trekkers we had to take some rest in between. The gradient was also very steep.

Some wonderful places are there on the path like one place where there is a cave and in middle of that there is a small ravine and to get over that there is a small wooden bridge. The other ed of this cave is made like a door, probably by Kempegowdas soldiers. These places were all controlled by him and magadi, the nearest town was his capital. Another place was a bit trecherous- you come out of a cave by jumping into the next rock by crossing a deep ravine. One mis calculated step and you will fall into caves down there.

Atlast we were on top---amazing sight of the valley welcomes us.